Absolute Fidelity High Performace Loudspeaker Cables

When he couldn't find a speaker cable he liked enough, Gary decided to design his own. Since then, they have been hailed by customers and reviewers as "ultimate performance at an affordable price". Now, Gary has a full range of superlative speaker cables, interconnects and power cords available on his underground website at www.absolutefidelity.com.

  • The Dialectical Audiophile with CEO Gary L Koh
  • A dialectic is a dialogue between two parties (who may have conflicting viewpoints) and yet wish to seek the truth of the matter through discussion and refinement of those ideas and view points. Join CEO Gary L Koh as he discusses various audio viewpoints, or listening points as the case may be.

Genesis Advanced Technologies, Absolute Fidelity, High End Performance Stereo Loudspeakers and Cables

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end hi-fi stereo systems. From cost-no-object high-end loudspeakers to high performance, high efficiency power amplifiers to Absolute Fidelity® component, loudspeaker, and power interface cables, Genesis shows its commitment to the absolute best. Genesis products show uncompromising quality throughout the range utilizing the same driver and crossover components in every product from the exclusive, custom flagship loudspeaker system down to the affordable, petite stand-mounted loudspeaker.

Genesis at Audio Video Praha 2015

We are happy to announce our appointment of SoundStyle as our distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Come see us at Audio-Video Praha in Boardroom #2 and #3 (3rd floor), Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni in Prague, The Czech Republic, March 27th and 28th, 2015.

We will be showing the award-winning G5.3 stereo loudspeakers with Genesis Absolute Fidelity™ cables and present the European debut of the Genesis "Muse" Music Source.


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An interview in Czech - if you open it in Chrome, Google will automatically translate it to your language.

Posted by Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc. on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Genesis 5.3 reviewed by Part Time Audiophile

Scot Hull, the Part Time Audiophile spent some quality time with the Genesis G5.3 and has this to say of the speakers:

"The sound stage set in front of me was enormous, room-filling, and completely three-dimensional. Detail, ever-present, filled in all those delicious audiophile cues."

He concludes, "Audiophiles wax poetic about neutrality, about transparency, about tactility. But this is the closest I’ve gotten. An incredible achievement."