Absolute Fidelity High Performace Loudspeaker Cables

When he couldn't find a speaker cable he liked enough, Gary decided to design his own. Since then, they have been hailed by customers and reviewers as "ultimate performance at an affordable price". Now, Gary has a full range of superlative speaker cables, interconnects and power cords available from Genesis.

  • The Dialectical Audiophile with CEO Gary L Koh
  • A dialectic is a dialogue between two parties (who may have conflicting viewpoints) and yet wish to seek the truth of the matter through discussion and refinement of those ideas and view points. Join CEO Gary L Koh as he discusses various audio viewpoints, or listening points as the case may be.

Gary Koh, CEO and Chief Designer of Genesis Advanced Technologies is interviewed during the "Genesis Dragon Party". We run in all our loudspeakers extensively before delivery to the customer in order to ensure that they get a good experience straight out of the box. When it is the flagship Genesis Dragon, a lot of effort is required to properly set them up for run-in. So, we will usually take the opportunity to have a listening party and have a few more people help to ensure that it sounds perfect before we ship them off.

In the interview, Gary talks about the beginnings of Genesis loudspeakers, his design philosophy and the evolution of Genesis products. We also take the opportunity to have some of the party goers comment on what they experience.

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