Gary’s Latest Design

A pair of  Servo-Controlled bass towers to complement the G-Force with built-in amplification to save on floor space! We don’t have a pair of G-Force in stock for him to test with, so he used a pair of his book shelf speakers – the G7c. Sounds fabulous!!



The most elusive of qualities in a high-end music system is “effortless” – a sense of ease in the music like there is limitless reserves and dynamics. That comes from ample power in the amplifier, and large radiating cone area on the loudspeaker.

Unfortunately, too big a loudspeaker and too much bass can overload a small room. That’s where the Force Majeure and the easy ability to tune the bass gain can pay off in spades 

This was custom designed and built for a customer with a small room, but wanted the sort of bass that a Genesis Dragon or Prime with its twenty-four 12-inch woofers can deliver.

The Genesis Maestro on Demo at HiFi Sales in New Jersey

Patrick Mattucci of HiFi Sales in New Jersey shared this video with us. Enjoy!

Lock me in and throw the key away.

Posted by Patrick Mattucci on Friday, June 8, 2018


Genesis at Image Music & Film Co. Bangkok – June 30, 2018

Our Thai dealer Wuti Larnwoongroj of Audio Excellence, Bangkok is also one of the largest retailers of legal, royalty-paid Reel-to-Reel tape titles in the world through his store  Image Music & Film Co. also in Bangkok. That may be why Groove Note has decided to have the world premier launch of two tape titles: GRV1088 Vanessa Fernandez When the Levee Breaks and GRV1099 Jacintha Fire & Rain on June 30th. Our CEO Gary Leonard Koh will be there for the relaunch of the Genesis Forte with the new Genesis designed ribbon mid-range at the same time.

Groove Note owner Ying Tan will be on hand to demo the tapes, and also do some A/B comparisons with the 45rpm vinyl, as well as to play a 30ips master of the new as-yet-unmastered Vanessa album. With over 30 years experience in music production (Classic Records, Groove Note and ORG), he will talk about the differences between Pro and Consumer machines, and the big difference between tapes produced by the serious mastering places and those that are generally available on the Internet.

If you are in Bangkok, this is a must-not-miss event to hear the best that tape can do.
Genesis at Image, Music & Film in Bangkok