A pair of  Servo-Controlled bass towers to complement the G-Force with built-in amplification to save on floor space! We don’t have a pair of G-Force in stock for him to test with, so he used a pair of his book shelf speakers – the G7c. Sounds fabulous!!



The most elusive of qualities in a high-end music system is “effortless” – a sense of ease in the music like there is limitless reserves and dynamics. That comes from ample power in the amplifier, and large radiating cone area on the loudspeaker.

Unfortunately, too big a loudspeaker and too much bass can overload a small room. That’s where the Force Majeure and the easy ability to tune the bass gain can pay off in spades 

This was custom designed and built for a customer with a small room, but wanted the sort of bass that a Genesis Dragon or Prime with its twenty-four 12-inch woofers can deliver.