About Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and creates high-end, custom-crafted loudspeakers, electronics and interfaces that reproduce music, voices, and sound effects with absolute fidelity®, style and elegance.

Nothing beats the experience of a live performance—whether music, theater, or the latest blockbuster movie. What if your sound system could transport the live event right into your room in crisp detail—capturing everything from the emotions of the performers, to the ambiance of the location—rather than merely reproduce the sounds?

Here at Genesis Loudspeakers, we live to do just that. Our audio systems transport you in time and space, with all the excitement and goosebumps of being there, as if it is happening all around you.

Our Philosophy

How does a sound system reproduce the sense of being live, when real life is not restricted to 20Hz to 20kHz?

Our design philosophy is based on the premise that the perception of live music cannot be measured by instruments alone. Our loudspeakers are finely crafted to faithfully reproduce sounds beyond what we can “hear”, with a larger “sweet spot” than other sound systems.

Since these loudspeakers are typically a part of our living space, we also design them to be both beautiful and elegant.

Every piece is custom-built and individually tested in the USA. Each comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended to a 5-year transferable warranty that will enhance its value.

Our Founder

Gary Leonard Koh is the Founder, Lead Designer, and CEO of Genesis Advanced Technologies.

Gary is a business man with a passion for music. After 25 years in the IT business, he jumped feet first into the high-end audio industry. Ever since he first listened to a pair of Genesis V’s, he’s aspired to a pair of Genesis 1.1’s in his own home. Some people even think that this is the real reason behind Gary wanting to manage the business.

Gary’s design philosophy is based on the reproduction of real, live music, rather than just technical and engineering specifications. He starts from first principles (math and physics) rather than textbook designs, and refuses to believe that “it cannot be done.” When he couldn’t find a speaker cable he liked enough, Gary decided to design his own. Since then, they have been hailed by customers and reviewers as “ultimate performance at an affordable price.” Gary offers his full range of superlative speaker cables, interconnects and power cords at Genesis.