About Our Founders

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Gary Leonard Koh, CEOManaging Director and Chief Designer

From the time he built his first loudspeaker for his father’s sound system at the tender age of 10, to the time he assembled amplifiers from circuits he found in a borrowed library book at age 16, Gary Koh has aspired to be an audio designer. Then one night, he listened to a pair of Genesis® V speakers for the first time, and his world was never the same.

Today, Gary has realized his dream as the owner and visionary behind Genesis Advanced Technologies… where he can combine his deep passion for music with his laser-like focus on accurate technical reproduction of sound.

Gary bases his design philosophy on the reproduction of real, live music, rather than solely technical and engineering specifications. Rather than textbook designs, he utilizes the first principles of maths and physics to develop his components, spending hundreds of hours listening to the resulting music and obsessively tweaking the basic design. Nothing is complete until his kids are satisfied – they have to want to get up and dance. He absolutely refuses to believe that it “cannot be done.”

Gary’s attention to detail is best exemplified in his approach to solving problems: when he couldn’t find a speaker cable he liked well enough, he decided to design his own. Since then, his cables have been hailed by customers and reviewers as “ultimate performance at an affordable price.” The same attention to perfection has resulted in a full line of superlative speaker cables, interconnects and power cords—all available from Genesis as well.

Gary’s favorite quote is from Albert Szent-Gyorgi: “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Learn more about Gary in this video interview done during our most recent “Release the Dragon” party.


Carolyn Koh, COOOperations Manager

Gary’s sister Carolyn is no less a musician and lover of music, having been classically trained in piano and voice, and gifted with perfect pitch. Yet it was her years of operational experience that leant the most valuable assets to Genesis Loudspeakers.

Where Gary spent his childhood creating loudspeakers, Carolyn spent hers writing: at the age of nine, she was already published in various school and local children’s magazines. These days, she combines her writing skills with her love of computer gaming by writing for various online gaming news and review websites and magazines.

With an MBA in International Marketing, and a genuine love and appreciation of music, Carolyn handles Corporate Affairs and Administration, providing the perfect operational foundation that keeps Genesis running smoothly and efficiently.