Our PhilosophyA careful balance of technical and design excellence...

Technical Philosophy DSC02231

Technical PhilosophyAbsolute Fidelity

Absolute Fidelity® is the ability to faithfully reproduce the soundtrack to life with the clarity and dynamics of being there.

We are surrounded with sound, from the quietest whisper to the roar of a tornado. We listen to a sidewalk performer in the noisy streets, and massed choirs and a pipe organ in a quiet cathedral. We enjoy the ad-libbing of a trio in a smoky jazz club, and the scale and excitement of rock concerts in a sports arena. The frequency response and dynamic range of real life is vast and only a system capable of absolute fidelity™ can recreate it.

And when the performance is recreated, it must convey the emotion and soul of the event, be it music, or drama in a real or imagined realm. In order to do this, loudspeakers cannot be restricted to 20Hz to 20kHz because reproduction of life is not band-pass limited. Distortion is not acceptable at any level.

Infrasonics below 20Hz are vitally important for conveying the scale and ambience of large venues – be it a cathedral where the Messiah is sung, or the sports arena where a rock concert plays. Ultrasonics above 20kHz convey the clarity of bells and the reverberant tails of cymbals. Without expanding the ability of the system beyond 20-to-20k, we lose a lot of the sounds of being alive.

All Genesis® products are empowered with the ability to resolve the lowest level detail with the same articulation and imaging that exists at the higher levels. Thus, you can enjoy the same quality of detail and energy from ppp to fff. Quality is not lost when listening at low levels late at night when the rest of the family is asleep.

As the surround soundtrack of most movies concentrate so much of the dialog and sound from the center channel, that frequently overlooked channel also needs to be absolute fidelity. So that things happening behind you also sound true to life, the surrounds and rear channels also need to be absolute fidelity. In the Genesis absolute surround system, all channels are absolute fidelity.

Absolute Fidelity also means loyalty and reliability. We stand behind our products with a Five Year Transferable Warranty (with registration). Our authorized dealers and distributors worldwide are committed to providing the finest service and support. We’re passionate about what we do and we do it well.

Design PhilosophyStyle and Elegance

Beyond technical design, Genesis® makes speakers that are truly beautiful. In 2003, Genesis launched the Genesis 6.1 – a loudspeaker embodying our philosophy of absolute fidelity with style. The design captured the imagination of both the public as well as industry.

Our speakers have been recognized by architectural, interior and lifestyle magazines, and have won multiple design and engineering awards. Subtle tricks of the photographer and sculptor’s eye are used to realize designs with graceful curves and elegant angles. Rare natural wood veneers and deep, glossy, lustrous automotive finishes suit any décor.

During the 2005 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, we showed to the crowds in Las Vegas a new concept loudspeaker that turned the world on its ear. Not only did it sound spectacular, its sexy good looks had people stroking it. Its shape drew parallels to a cello, or a grand piano, or to others the derrière of a famous singer.

The concept was a challenge to build and productize that we have not yet managed to surmount. However, to many, it is the unattainable ideal of the most beautiful loudspeaker in the world.

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