Our Technology - An Overview``Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, but thinking what nobody has thought.`` –Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

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Reproducing the Truth

The technologies used at Genesis® Advanced Technologies all maintain the fundamental principle of reproducing the truth… because the truth, whether in music or movies, has an undeniable element of emotion.

Advancing engineering and technology has meant that the market is overflowing with products guaranteeing a certain competence. Unfortunately, while this competence has resulted in generally acceptable reproduction, the vital spark of life – the emotion of the performance – is often times drained from the music.

This is where Genesis differentiates itself: even though we remain at the forefront of technology, we never forget that art and the emotion must be delivered intact, if a system is going to reproduce the sound of life.

Transforming Energy Into Sound

The loudspeaker (or transducer) has the difficult job of transforming one form of energy (electrical) into another (sound).

For the loudspeaker to perform this absolutely faithfully, the tweeter has to move extremely fast to reproduce high frequencies perfectly. The woofer has to move extremely forcefully in order to convey the bass signals to the air load of the room. In between the tweeter and woofer, the midrange (and sometimes mid-bass coupler) also has to match the speed of the tweeter, and the force of the woofer.

Meanwhile, all transducers must have low distortion, and must move as fast as the input signal demands.

Genesis designs all its own transducers, so that all drivers speak with the same voice. This results in a harmonic balance between all frequencies that is difficult if not impossible to achieve otherwise.

The amplifier used to drive the loudspeakers has the slightly easier job:  it has to transform an incoming electrical voltage signal into the electric current needed to drive the loudspeaker, and move the air, with the extra energy needed coming from the wall outlet or mains. It must be load invariant, powerful and wide bandwidth so that the “aliveness” of music is not diminished.

The technologies developed by Genesis Advanced Technologies have been evolved over many years, resulting in a series of technologies to ensure Absolute Fidelity®.