Technology > Dipole Radiation PatternA near-perfect combination of depth re-creation and pinpoint lateral imaging

Genesis® Loudspeakers are designed with an innovative dipole radiation pattern for more natural, spacious sound reproduction—no matter what the room’s configuration or challenges.

At Genesis®, we recognize that the most important component of the sound reproduction system is the room in which it’s placed – a factor that the loudspeaker designer usually has no control over.

In order to mitigate the effects of a room, our system is strategically designed to produce sound from both the front and rear, one slightly out of phase with the other, called “dipole radiation.”

While the advantages are many, the two main benefits are ease of placement in the room, and more natural, spacious sound reproduction.

No matter where you place Genesis Loudspeakers in your room, our dipole radiation pattern reduces the energy emanating to the sides of the speakers to nearly non-existent.

This is further improved in our dipole line-source speakers as this means that the sound only radiates horizontally, not vertically. There is no floor and ceiling bounce, which also contributes to mitigating any negative effects of the room.

When “wall bounce” is mitigated, there is much less of a sonic impact on the sound. Instead, the listener is able to experience the music as authentically as possible—unencumbered by distracting reflections and other room interactions which plague most other speaker systems—no matter where the speakers are placed in the room.

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As reviewer Steven Stone put it in the Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, our dipole radiation design results in a…

“near-perfect combination of depth re-creation and pinpoint lateral imaging.”