Technology > Genesis® Ring Ribbon TweeterCelebrated by the audiophile press as one of the best tweeters in the world

The level of performance exhibited by the Genesis Ring Ribbon Tweeter has not been surpassed in over 20 years.

Comprised of a one-inch circular ring ribbon crafted from an extremely thin membrane of Kapton, and featuring a photo-etched aluminum “voice coil” that is a mere 0.0005 inch thick, the entire radiating structure of the Genesis Ribbon Tweeter has less mass than the air load in front of it.

Re-designed in 2012 to be a ring-radiator, it delivers a better dispersion pattern so that the sweetspot for Genesis loudspeakers would be even larger. The tweeter is a 26mm diameter ring that is 4mm wide. This gives it a frequency response up to 40kHz, exemplary speed and transient attack, conveying just the right combination of natural sweetness and air to the upper frequencies.

In our line-source designs, we use many of these tweeters in a vertical line. This not only conveys Line-Source Advantage, it distributes the output over many drivers, which means each driver works at very low-stress levels, dramatically lowering distortion and power handling even further in high-end frequencies.

Carbon Fiber

The Genesis … ribbon tweeter produced what was perhaps the best treble I’ve ever experienced.” – John Potis,

The frequency range, wide dispersion, output level, and transient response… cannot be surpassed by any moderately-priced design. That can be translated as saying, ‘It is the best.’” – Karl Lozier, Positive Feedback Magazine