Technology > Mid Range TransducersWe use either a ribbon as a dipolar line-source, or a solid titanium cone midrange

At Genesis®, we sometimes say that the midrange is a window into the mind of a composer or singer. Indeed, the midrange is where the “magic” is in a well-recorded musical event. The midrange is also the essence of a movie; without dialog, there is no story.

In order to match the famed Genesis® Ribbon Tweeter, we use either a ribbon as a dipolar line-source, or a solid titanium cone midrange to reproduce these critical frequencies.

Midrange Ribbon

In the high-end models, the Genesis designed ribbon midrange is used to match a line array of tweeters. The ribbon itself is made of a very thin layer of aluminum laminated to a substrate of mylar that is 0.025mm thick.

In the 1.2m ribbon, for example, the ribbon element is suspended in a magnetic field created by over 7 meters of barium ferrite magnets. Moreover, we use the ribbon only in its narrowly defined sweet spot of operating frequency.

This results in a perfect line-source generating a continuous and perfectly coupled plane wave front. The benefit of this to the listener is a wide and even horizontal dispersion yielding a large and highly stable sweet spot.

As a line-source dipole, the midrange ribbon has a vertical dispersion pattern identical to that of the line array of tweeters, thus further insulating the listener from any negative room effects, and enhancing the sense of spaciousness and depth.

Black Acrylic

Solid Titanium Cone

In other models, Genesis has designed a solid titanium cone for use in the midrange transducer and midwoofers to match the exemplary speed and low distortion of the ribbon tweeter.

The advantages of this titanium cone are low mass, low inherent distortion, and only a single break-up mode. We’ve also designed this break-up mode to be far out of the frequency band in which we use the driver, greatly reducing distortion.

…<it is> the tweeter’s equal in all audible respects. Not only did it share the tweeter’s speed, but its harmonic balance and dynamic agility as well.