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Genesis cables and interfaces enhance the enjoyment of all models of Genesis loudspeakers and upgrade all high-end stereo systems.

Servo-Bass Suite of Cables

Re-designed in 2002, the Genesis Servo-Bass cables represent a significant upgrade over the old cables. Add the Servo-Bass Interconnect and your legacy Genesis loudspeaker system with external servo-bass amplifier will be ready to rock to today’s Genesis standard.

When attempting to add one or two subwoofers to a pair of monitor loudspeakers, integration and sonic coherence are critical. One area that was addressed by Genesis was – what “jumper” cable to use? The ideal integration is addressed with the ServoSub Interface Cables – which can be used for all powered subwoofers, and not just Genesis Servo-Subwoofers.

Servo-Bass Cables

Servo-Bass Interconnects

Absolute Fidelity Interfaces

Absolute Fidelity Interfaces is not about using the most expensive materials, processes or connectors. It is about going back to the basics in engineering, physics and mathematics, applying them as intelligently and in as simple a manner as possible. Then, add countless intense hours of critical listening and testing. The net results are cables that truly represent faithfulness to the music and do not impose a character of their own.

Loudspeaker Interface Cables

Component & Power Interface Cables

Servo-Sub/Loudspeaker Interface


Like Yin and Yang, Inductance and capacitance are an integral part of a cable. Absolute Fidelity interfaces seek a fine balance between inductance and capacitance to achieve the ultimate in transparency.

Those new speaker cables are spectacular. They retain the tonal density and sweetness of the original but add better dynamics and far better control of the speakers. This translates to far more defined bass and much grander soundstage scale as though the recording venues had suddenly lost their walls. – Frederic Beudot,