Designed and optimized for the Genesis Servo-Bass Amplifier system

The concept of our servo-bass system is an easy one to understand. It employs an accelerometer as a sensor to constantly monitor the movement of the woofer cone and instantaneously compare it to the input signal. This comparison circuit identifies any deviation from the input signal and applies a corrective signal to compensate; resulting in the virtual elimination of the inherent distortion of the woofer.

In the Genesis products with an external amplifier, this means that the servo/bass cable that connects the woofer and accelerometer to the servo amplifier is a part of the servo system feedback circuit. It carries the measurement information from the accelerometer to the comparison circuitry in the servo-bass amplifier, and the corrected bass signal to the woofers.

The Genesis Servo/Bass cable was designed to work as a system with the servo circuit and the amplifier. It is a speaker cable, and a feedback circuit cable engineered together with the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of the cable optimized for each of the circuits – the accelerometer as well as the drivers.

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