Designed and optimized for the Genesis Loudspeaker systems with external Servo-Bass Amplifiers

The Genesis servo-controlled bass system employs an accelerometer as a sensor to constantly monitor the movement of the woofer cone and continuously compares it to the input signal. This comparison circuit identifies any deviation from the input signal and applies a corrective signal to compensate; resulting in the virtual elimination of the inherent distortion of the woofer.

In the Genesis products with an external amplifier, the servo-bass amplifier is driven by line-level input from the preamplifier. This means that while the midrange and tweeters of the speaker are driven by the power amplifier in use, the servo-bass amplifier is driven by the preamplifier.

This scheme of connection, while it works, may not be ideal. The power amplifier is never a “straight wire with gain”. Hence, it will affect the input signal in some way. The servo-system will correctly produce the bass part of the musical signal that is the input of the power amplifier, instead of the actual output to the speaker.

The Genesis Servo-Bass Interconnect Cable allows the balanced line-level input of the Genesis external servo-bass amplifier to be driven by the high-level outputs of your power amp – hence using the same signal that is driving the rest of the loudspeaker for an exceptional increase in transparency and bass coherence.

More Information

Connection Scheme (PDF 175KB)

Brochure (PDF 196KB)

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