Products > Genesis® ForteThe two-tower high-performance loudspeaker system

Created for the music lover with a smaller space but demands no compromises in the reproduction of the musical event.

The Genesis Forte is the latest iteration of the hybrid line-source/point-source loudspeaker from Genesis. It was developed partly as a result of demand from customers who desire the advantages of the line-source loudspeakers, but do not have the space for the four-tower loudspeaker. The culmination of a 30-year legacy of reference-level line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems dating back to the Genesis 1 in 1993, and even back to the IRS™ in 1977, the Forte is custom-built in the USA for discerning music-lovers worldwide.

For the music lover with a smaller space, the Genesis Forte’s two-tower loudspeaker system with integrated 12″ woofers and servo-controlled amplifier might be the better choice.


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Air and spaciousness prevailed on a soundstage that easily exceeded the room, virtually defying its physical dimensions.