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The Genesis G-Force loudspeaker was designed from the ground up to be the definitive loudspeaker for the audiophile who wants to share their music with their significant other, their family and their friends.

It is unlike other high-end loudspeakers that are designed to be dialed in to accommodate a single seated listener in the “money seat”. It expands on the Genesis feature of a large sweet spot that will envelope a family sitting on a sofa, and yet plays with Absolute Fidelity® so that all members of the family can enjoy the music that they love – from rock, to classical, to electro-house to jazz. It is the loudspeaker for the family room or the living room: not to be hidden away in the ‘listening room’.

A pair of G-Force loudspeakers easily covers the whole living room uniformly with sound, resulting in the same quality of sound anywhere in the room. Used for parties, the G-Force does not cast a ‘sonic shadow’ so that people milling in front of the speaker does not obstruct the sound. This is made possible by the wide and even dispersion of the transducers and the dipolar nature of the G-Force.

Every pair of Genesis G-Force is lovingly custom-built by craftsmen in Washington State in the USA. It is available in carbon fiber as well as beautiful wood and painted finishes, and can be custom-designed to any finish specified by your interior architect to match your living room.


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The new Genesis 4 was plain brilliant. Delicate, powerful, detailed, musical, and just plain fun to listen to. – Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feeback Online