G-Force Technical Specifications

Frequency Response 20Hz to 40kHz, +/- 3dB
Sensitivity 89 dB 1 watt 1 meter
Input Impedance 4 ohms (nominal)
HF Transducers Two 1″ ring radiator ribbon tweeters (front & rear)
Midrange Transducers One 2″ x 6″ planar magnetic
Mid-Bass Transducers Two 6″ titanium cone dynamic
LF Transducers Two 10″ servo-controlled
Loudspeaker Controls Soft/Bright (+/- 4.5dB)
Tight/Warm (+/- 4.5dB)
Bass Gain (1 – 11)
Low Pass (70Hz – 135Hz)
Servo-controlled Bass Amplifier 500W built-in Class D
Dimensions H 60″ x W 18″ x D 24″
H 1540mm x W 457mm x D 610mm
Weight 135 lbs
61 kg
Finish High Gloss Black Acrylic, Wood Veneer, Carbon Fiber, Custom Colors Upon Application

* Specifications are subject to change without notice

Carbon Fiber
Custom Stencil