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Older Genesis Models – Still beloved, many still have limited availability as they await a refreshed look and updated design.

The 6 series

The 6-series remains close to our hearts and was the first Genesis product that was purpose designed for home theater applications in complement to its audiophile sensitivities. It introduced the LFE Blend™ technology which allows each loudspeaker not only to deliver full-range music, but also at the same time function as a Low Frequency Effects subwoofer.

The G6.1 was also designed to be beautiful and elegant. Subtle angles, curves, and contrasting colors create an optical illusion to make the speaker appear smaller than it actually is. As a result, non-audiophile Architectural Digest magazine chose the G6.1 as one of the four best designs at CES2004, calling it “a bold design statement”.

G6.1 Brochure with specs (PDF: 706KB) ; G6.1 Owner’s Manual (PDF: 843KB) No longer available.

The 7 series

Petite, elegant and yet commanding attention with absolute fidelity® sound, the Genesis 7-series high-end loudspeakers are the “affordable reference” for making music in the home. Comprising 3 models, the floor-standing G7f, the convertible G7c, and the petite G7p stand-mounted monitor, the G7-series stands proudly in the Genesis family of high-end stereo loudspeakers. With the G7c doing converting between center-channel duties, and as a larger stand-mounted monitor, the G7-series family does movies as well.

Despite being diminutive in size, all members of the G7-series display spectacular imaging, cast huge soundstages, and sound very much larger than they look. Using innovative technology, all members of the series deliver full, tight, accurate and tuneful bass from a small loudspeaker.

G7.2F – Floor Stander. The affordable reference for bringing true to life music into your home. The G7f is svelte and elegant, yet it performs like a much beefier loudspeaker, delivering bass down to 22Hz, with a huge and enveloping soundstage, creating an immersive sound experience.

G7.2F Brochure with specs (PDF: 657KB) ; G7.2F Owner’s Manual (PDF: 2MB) Very limited availability.

G7.2C – the Convertible. To achieve the delicacy, speed, transparency, and bass response of the larger Genesis 3-way systems with a separate midrange and woofer in a 2-way system, we developed the world’s first solid-titanium cone mid-woofer. This made the Genesis 7c possible – a medium monitor-sized loudspeaker that will fit into a tight environment with the big voice that is the Genesis trademark. The G7c has been designed as a “convertible” loudspeaker – our nomenclature for an L/C/R: a loudspeaker that can be used as a stereo pair or on its side as a center channel in a multi-channel system.

G7.2C Brochure with specs (PDF: 393KB) ; G7.2C Owner’s Manual (PDF: 762KB) Limited availability.

G7.2P – Petite Bookshelf Speakers. Despite being the smallest in the line of Genesis loudspeakers, the G7p is not a compromised product. A unique feature of the G7p is a passive bass contour control that allows it to deliver more bass when driven by more capable amplifiers. With entry-level amplifiers, the bass contour could be turned down so as not to over-stress the electronics. When partnered with better amplification, the G7p is able to scale the sonic heights like its more expensive brethren. In a small room, or in even in a medium-sized hard-walled room, the G7p delivers more than enough bass for most listeners.  In a too-small room, it is arguably a better loudspeaker than one of the larger models. Where a large loudspeaker would overload the airspace resulting in boomy bass and confused imaging, the G7p is capable of making the walls melt away to bring the musical event to life. With room gain, the G7p sounds larger and goes much lower than its specifications would imply.

G7.2P Brochure with specs (PDF: 375KB) ; G7.2P Owner’s Manual (PDF: 2MB) Limited availability.

Technical Philosophy DSC02231

Centers & Surrounds

Reference Center (made to order)
The Genesis Reference Center (GRC) was developed to be the perfect complement to any of the Genesis high-end loudspeaker systems as a center channel. With the availability of excellent, high resolution, multi-channel movies and music on BluRay, it was time that a center speaker that is capable of delivering audiophile levels of resolution be made available. With movies, the dialog channel is responsible for 80% of the energy, and the clarity and emotional delivery of dialog is critically important to the enjoyment of the movie. The GRC is worthy of combining with our flagship Genesis 1 to create the ultimate, absolute fidelity, multi-channel system and made to order in the same veneers and finishes.

GRC Owner’s Manual with specs (PDF: 183KB)

The Genesis Surrounds
The Genesis Standard Surround (GSS) channel is a monopole surround loudspeaker that is designed with a matching “voice” to audiophile Genesis loudspeaker systems – all the way up to the flagship Genesis 1. With the GSS, you can be assured of absolute fidelity® for multi-channel music, and a consistent voice throughout the surround matrix when used in the full Genesis multi-channel music or movie system.

Their unique shapes allow the GSS to be mounted on a side-wall or rear-wall, or in a corner where it does not take up valuable space. It also includes a high-level speaker throughput for easy connection to any Genesis Servo-Subwoofer.

GSS Owner’s Manual with specs (PDF: 214KB) Limited availability.


The Genesis Servo-Subwoofers were created using several refined technologies – servo-control, metal cone drivers and efficient, hyper-linear switching (Class D) amplification – which makes it able to accurately and instantaneously reproduce the subtleties of a bowed double bass or the shuddering footfalls of an angry T-Rex.

A precision accelerometer continuously monitors the woofer’s movement and makes instantaneous corrections, even when it includes complex, rapidly evolving musical bass lines or cinema special effects. While typical non-servo woofer systems have distortion levels that exceed 10% at even moderate levels, the Genesis servo bass system reduces this distortion to below one percent at almost any output level.

G928 – the Classic 2 x 12″ subwoofer. G928 Brochure with specs (PDF:227KB) ; G928 Owner’s Manual (PDF: 439KB) Limited availability.

S2/12t – the Corner Sub 2 x 12″ (the troll hunkering in the corner). S2/12t Brochure with specs (PDF: 238KB) ; S2/12t Owner’s Manual (PDF: 887KB) No longer available.

S4/8 – the elegant 4 by 8″ subwoofer. S4/8 Brochure with specs (PDF: 202KB) ; S4/8 Owner’s Manual (PDF: 1MB) No longer available.

They <Genesis 7p> are Beautiful. They are Musical. They are Addictive – speakers that give meaning to the phrase ‘listening pleasure. -Marc Philip, Magazine Audio