Products > Genesis® PrimeOur high-end loudspeaker system—the ultimate expression of your love of music.

Created for the music lover who accepts no compromises in the reproduction of the musical event, the Genesis® Prime is the latest iteration of our flagship loudspeaker system.

The Genesis Prime represents the culmination of a 30-year legacy of reference-level, line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems—dating back to the Genesis I in 1993, and even back to the IRS™ in 1977.

This state-of-the-art loudspeaker system is designed to reproduce music at live listening levels with virtually no restrictions on dynamic range, frequency response, or width, breadth and height of soundstage.

As one of the very few speakers in the world that is capable of recreating the size, weight, impact and listening levels of a live performance, the Genesis Prime is a custom commission—individually built in the USA for the most dedicated and discerning music-lovers worldwide.


When you have a Genesis Prime system in your listening room, you have live music in your home, with the best seats in the house. No rain checks, no lost tickets, no concertmaster with the flu, no substitute divas. Nothing but pure, unadulterated musical love.

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The Genesis Prime … the ultimate expression of your love of music.