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Created for the music lover who might be space constrained but accepts no compromises in the reproduction of the musical event.

Like the Genesis Prime loudspeaker system, it is the culmination of a 30-year legacy of reference-level line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems dating back to the Genesis 1 in 1993, and even back to the IRS™ in 1977. Not simply bought off the shelf, the Quartet is custom-built in the USA for discerning music-lovers worldwide.

The Genesis Quartet is a four-tower loudspeaker system featuring separate midrange/tweeter “wings” and servo-controlled woofer towers. This separation allows the mid/high frequency panels to be placed to optimize soundstage and imaging for the listening position, and the bass towers to be placed for smooth and extended bass response within the room.

The Quartet features its own servo-controlled bass amplifier for the woofer towers with two channels per side. This means that there is no need to have to choose between using a muscle-bound amplifier with enough power to drive the woofers and a lower-powered amplifier having better harmonic, tonal and spatial characteristics. Servo-control results in extended bass response down to 16Hz, and vanishing low distortion throughout the range.

The separate bass towers can be correctly placed within the room without affecting the soundstage and image at the listening position. With a column of bass drivers extending almost the height of the room, there are no standing waves between the floor and ceiling. This results in tightly-controlled, extended, smooth, and dynamic bass response in any room.

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An optional upgrade to the two bass towers featuring eight 8-inch woofers per side is the SuperSub™ comprising two x 8-inch woofers, two x 12-inch woofers and two x 15-inch woofers with three channels per side. A further upgrade is even possible with two SuperSubs per side.


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Air and spaciousness prevailed on a soundstage that easily exceeded the room, virtually defying its physical dimensions.