When you love your Genesis products, keep them upgraded.

Most owners of Genesis loudspeakers own their speakers for many years, resisting the usual audiophile upgrade spiral. While the rest of their systems may change, the constant is always the pair of loudspeakers that they love.

Unfortunately, loudspeakers do not last forever. After more than 10 years, moving parts wear out and need to be renewed, electrical parts deteriorate and fail, and upgrade opportunities are available from new and advanced technologies. Although most of these speakers were made by the previous Genesis Technologies (you can recognize these as they use the old logo), we do try to keep them going with re-manufactured parts and upgrades.

New and Upgraded Drivers

As we design new transducers for Genesis, original owners are kept in mind. Some drivers can be drop-in replacements for the older loudspeakers for a significant upgrade. Examples include the new Genesis Ring Radiator Ribbon Tweeter, Genesis 1.2m Mid-Range Ribbon Driver and improved woofers with lower distortion and higher power handling.

Other drivers have been remanufactured, including the unique Titanium Dome Midrange used in the IM8300, Genesis III and Genesis V.

Some of the new transducers can be used albeit with small modifications – the new aluminum mid-bass coupler can be used in the G700, G701, G-V, etc. However, the new magnet structure is significantly larger and the crossover behind the driver often has to be unscrewed and moved to accommodate.

Servo-controlled Bass Amplifiers

The large Genesis line-source loudspeakers all come with an external amplifier to drive the servo-bass system. With careful maintenance, they last a long time. Unfortunately, some have failed due to power-supply capacitor failure, or a failure of the logic circuits.

The 12-channel dual-mono SCAmp used on the new Genesis 1.2 can be used for the old Genesis I or Genesis 1.1’s and the stereo 4-channel SCAmp from the new Genesis 2.2 can be used for the G-II, G-II.5, G200, G201, G300, G350 and G350SE. A stereo 2-channel SCAmp can also be adapted for the G-V and G-IV.

Depending on the condition of the existing woofers, they may or may not need replacement woofers as well. As the original servo-bass cables were not as well-designed for a servo-feedback circuit as can be, we also provide an upgraded cable with the new amplifiers.

G501 Plate Small

Plate Amplifiers

The G500, G501 and APM-1 were among the most popular models from the old company. Unfortunately, as these speakers approach 15 years in age, their “hearts” are no longer pumping the bass. Some of the parts of the ancient Class D amplifiers used in the plate amplifier are no longer available making repair impossible if not extremely difficult.

Hence, we adapted the plate amplifier of the current model G5.3 for these older speakers. They are not just a repair, but a full upgrade to the bass system. As a happy customer noted, “Spending the money for the new amps was a hard pill to swallow when I thought I was just going to get my old speakers back but that’s not what happened. I got a new and much better pair of speakers from the upgrade and that was not expected.”

Acoustic Suspension System

The Genesis acoustic suspension system isolates the amplifier or loudspeaker from floor or structure borne vibrations. Designed like the suspension system of a race car, the acoustic suspension is made of a specially designed non-resonant frame, neoprene shock absorbers tuned to the weight of the module, and steel spikes to anchor the suspension frame to the ground or component rack.

Loudspeaker suspension systems are available in black or clear high molecular weight cast acrylic. Amplifier/phono suspension systems are available in the same clear acrylic.

It is about letting the natural flow of the music and inner tension pass through as unaffected as possible” – Frederic Beudot,